The Growth Academy 3 top tips to maximise referrals

Written by: Craig Mckenna, Published on: August 22, 2012

Receiving good referrals from your business contacts is a great way to bring in new business in. The prospective customer is more comfortable with the possible transaction as you have been recommended to them and a lot of the initial hard work of engaging dialogue is removed. Referrals are good news all round but how do you get more of them?

Here are The Growth Academy top 3 tips on how to make the most of potential referrals, and yes, they are all very obvious and very much common sense.

1. Make it very easy for your contacts to refer people to you

Nobody enjoys sounding confused or not being able to answer questions. If they don’t know how to articulate what it is that you do they won’t be able to refer you, so make sure your proposition is simple and that they have the tools to be able to refer you effectively. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent group of non-execs involved in a business a few years back, they were very well connected but never brought any referrals into meetings. I challenged them on this and after much discussion it became clear that the company proposition was too cumbersome for them to articulate easily when they met potential referrals. I refined it, they brought referrals.

2. Follow-up properly

It is essential that if someone takes the time to give you a referral that you follow it up properly. Basic courtesy dictates that even if you feel that the referral is a waste of time it is important that you at the very least email/ call the referred party. You may be wrong, you really never know what potential business is behind the referral until you speak with the prospect. I received a referral a couple of years ago that seemed very random and a total waste but once I spoke to the company it transpired that they were looking to launch something new and that was what they wished to speak about, it was a great piece of business. You just never know until you make the call, so make the call.

3. Thank your referrers

This may sound like the most obvious tip of them all but it just doesn’t happen often enough. Whether the referral results in business or not you need to make the effort to thank the person who make the intro. In a recent client exercise he had received over 50 referrals over a three year period but not one had referred more than once, a stat which surprised us both. We went back 6 months and thanked them all, with an email update on what had happened with the referral to the ones which died and an email plus a couple of bottles of wine to the ones which had led to business. From those 14, 8 have since referred again. Not only is it the right thing to do, but thanking your referrers actually generates more business!

There are undoubtedly more referral tips than just these three, feel free to add your own in the comments section.

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