5 Top Tips On How To Sell Effectively While Crazy Busy!!!

Written by: Craig Mckenna, Published on: August 21, 2012

All business owners get busy, it comes with the territory and we all have to make choices on what we prioritise and what we don’t. Human nature tends to encourage us to prioritise the tasks which we like or are stronger at, and this more often than not does not include selling.

To achieve sustainable growth and drive a business forward it is essential that we have a¬†consistent¬†approach to sales. How do we ensure that we continue to sell effectively during the periods when we are flat out and “crazy busy”? I have posted my 5 top tips on how to do this below.

1. Qualify targets properly

When we are busy it is vital that we don’t waste time chasing shadows or lost causes and the best way to achieve this is by qualifying targets properly and only chasing the targets that could close. There is more detail on how to do this in my earlier blog post “8 key stages to qualifying a prospect”

2. Choose meetings carefully

There is a real value in meeting potential clients face to face and I am a huge fan of ensuring that the personal touch is always given precedent over email and phone but we have to be careful we don’t over do it. When you factor in prep, travel and the actual face to face time, meetings cut heavily into your diary. Pause and think, do you really need to attend a meeting to move the deal forward? Would a call be more appropriate? Does the meeting even need an hour?

3. Network efficiently

Networking is an essential part of the majority of small business sales strategies. It is important and it needs to be done properly, but plan it. Work out how much time you can designate to networking and work a plan around that. If you can only attend one group, attend it properly and make sure you get value from it. Don’t try and attend a lot of groups sporadically, it won’t work. You need continuity to get benefit from any networking and if not done right, it is just time wasted.

4. Work to properly set targets

If we have properly set targets and work towards them it becomes a lot easier to focus our selling and avoid wasting time on the wrong activities. Too often small businesses either don’t have targets or don’t work towards them effectively and this can result in a lot of wasted time. If you know you are close to achieving a target or you are miles away it helps you make the right decisions on which meetings to take and what other activity you need to make time for. Read my blog on “Setting Targets for 2011″.

5. Always maintain activity

No matter how busy we get we cannot afford to let activity levels drop to zero! It is a lot easier to keep activity going than it is to restart it. Too many businesses only sell when they have very little or no business at all and then they find it difficult. No matter how busy you get on delivery or with administrative tasks your selling must keep ticking over. Identify your key targets on work on them, whether you choose 40, 60, 100 or 200 is up to you, make a call on the number and get to work on them.

There are many other ways you can sell while “crazy busy”, these are my 5 top tips but feel free to add your thoughts and comments below.



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