Crowd Racing – Fergal O’Brien only trainer with runners – 9th September

Written by: Craig Mckenna, Published on: September 9, 2013

It is a very quiet Monday for the trainers featured on Crowd Racing. Only Fergal O’Brien has runners today  and he has sent 2 horses on the long long journey to Perth and we wish him luck!

Fergal O’Brien

Emily’s Flyer     250 Perth

Dark Energy      450 Perth


If you are interested in owning shares in a racehorse with Fergal O’Brien then feel free to click here and take a look at his pitch on Crowd Racing.

Crowd Racing is a new route to racehorse ownership. Owning a share in a racehorse can be exhilarating. It can be frustrating. It will never be boring.

There are many reasons why people wish to get involved in race horse ownership and there are already options available. Racing clubs, exisiting syndicates or sole ownership are already readily available.

So why Crowd Racing?

Crowd Racing as a platform will allow racehorse trainers and syndicates to put up pitches for racehorses they want to put into training. We will be working with the trainers and syndicates to ensure that the pitches are costed fairly and the objectives are realistic. There will be complete transparency and a defined timescale in place for the horse to be in training. There will also be a defined strategy for exit, and your options at that stage will be laid out clearly.

Crowd Racing is a new approach to something that already works really well.

We have not invented a wheel, we have not re-invented a wheel. We are offering the opportunity for more people to be part of the wheel.