Crowd Racing – Fergal O’Brien only trainer with runners – 9th September

It is a very quiet Monday for the trainers featured on Crowd Racing. Only Fergal O’Brien has runners today  and he has sent 2 horses on the long long journey to Perth and we wish him luck! Fergal O’Brien Emily’s Flyer     250 Perth Dark Energy      450 Perth   If you are [...]

8 key stages to qualifying a sales prospect

Qualifying a sales prospect is probably one of the most important elements of selling, especially if you are a small business. The time you can save by not trying to sell to prospects who ultimately never would have bought anyhow is invaluable, as well as the mental advantage that can be gained by being able [...]

The Growth Academy Easter Tips for SME’s from Bibby Financial Services

Jamie Watts of Bibby Financial Services has kindly provided this content for readers of The Growth Academy blog, and there are some great tips in there. If anyone would like to get in touch with Jamie, please let me know by emailing Bibby Financial Services’ top Easter tips for small businesses Bibby Financial Services’ [...]

The World Doesn’t Stand Still While Sort Yourself Out! Unfortunately!

Imagine how simplified business could be if we were able to stop the world around us moving and take the time out to plan properly, review what we are doing and modify accordingly, unfortunately that isn’t going to be the reality.   I have experienced companies who have stopped everything until their plan is complete and refined. [...]

10 steps to better networking from The Growth Academy

One of the most common topics of discussion at sessions of The Growth Academy is “Why should I network, where should I network”. Networking is a great way to meet new people, people who could become either a good source of referrals, a trusted associate, a great supplier or even a customer but it does [...]

8 Key Steps To Closing Deals Before Christmas!

I can’t believe I am using the “C” word already, but according to the news it is going up quickly and some stores are even opening Santa Grottos before the end of this month! As the mentor and business development guy for many exciting growth businesses, it’s been an interesting summer. The amazing Olympics and mostly [...]

Best Business Advice Ever Received

This is another “retro” blog post…..first published back in 2010 it is still very valid today and it just goes to prove that good advice is timeless! I am currently in the middle of writing a series of blogs on Setting Business Targets for Growth and while I was writing what will be part4 I [...]

Top 5 must read books which will help you grow a business

There are hundreds of business books available and many of them say the same things but I am yet to come across one which doesn’t have at least one gem of wisdom in it somewhere but reading them all is not really possible! After a quick poll of my Twitter followers I have compiled a [...]

7 top tips on Cold Calling effectively

During The Growth Academy sessions one of the most commonly asked questions is about the validity of cold calling and how to do it effectively. The simple answer is that you don’t cold call. For many years cold calling targets has been a highly utilised sales tactic. It is valued by many companies and disliked [...]

5 Great Tips for Setting Targets For Growth

Can a company grow properly without setting targets? I don’t think so, I haven’t come across one yet which has. In all walks of life we have targets. Many of us have a target weight, some of us have a target of that dream house or a fantasy holiday next year or we have financial [...]