Business Mentor

In simple terms, as a business mentor we help clients set the right objectives and targets for them and their businesses and then we make sure they achieve them!

A business mentor and support they bring can help strengthen both your business and your own entrepreneurial skills and can be invaluable in getting a new business off the ground or kicking your business forward.

What can The Growth Academy business mentor bring to your business?

Inspiration:  Creative input, ideas and different angles based on real experience can be invaluable

Education: We will work with you to enhance the skills needed to take your business forward. It is not uncommon that an entrepreneur needs to perform a task that is alien to them, we will help with the education needed to perform that task.

Accountability: This is the most important part of what we offer. Business can be lonely at times, and objectives and tasks can slip. We ensure that they don’t by offering the accountability entrepreneurs need to succeed.

The Growth Academy Business Mentor works closely with our clients to ensure that they have set the right objectives for them and that these targets are achieved.

We offer all the usual advantages of a business mentor but without having a “one size fits all” attitude. Every client is unique and the mentoring and guidance offered to each one is equally unique, as it needs to be. At the end of the day, it is about you, not about us!  


The Growth Academy Sessions

The Growth Academy sessions are attended by small business owners or self-employed professionals who are looking to grow as businesses.  During the sessions we work closely as a group on the business challenges faced by the attendees as well as looking at possible collaborative opportunities.

We work within a structured format and the tone is informal but professional with the focus on the challenges faced by the attendees as they strive to take their businesses forward. Each Academy Session has no more than 7 businesses in attendance and as we don’t have long term contracts the attendees are there because they want to do be.

Although there are no long term contracts, the format is designed for an ongoing involvement and the majority of attendees come back monthly. We fully accept that needs change and running your business comes first so you are welcome to dip in and out of The Growth Academy as your needs dictate.

The Academy will provide any support needed, plug any skill gaps and tackle any challenges head on, at all times sticking to the basic principles we founded The Growth Academy on.

Inspiration, Education and Accountability.

The Academies have been proven to be a great opportunity for business people to find the way forward for their company and for them to gain access to an experienced business growth mentor at the great rate of £80 per session. For Scottish businesses there is the possibility to have this fee 50% paid for by Skills Development Scotland, if your business qualifies.

The first session comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

What do our clients say?

Marc Jones

Ice Bomb

Craig has been assisting me as a business mentor as I look to develop my business and make the most of my resources. He has provided a good deal of sound advice and continues to be a source of honest feedback. His guidance is always focussed on growth and maximizing business potential. I’d highly recommend The Growth Academy to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Biju Krishnan

Lubiju and C-Fast

Craig has been a real life line for our business through some huge changes in the last 2 years. His personable, and “can do” approach helped us work through some challenging times. He brings with him the experience earned from many years of helping businesses and yet providing up to date and creative ways of solving problems which we were struggling with. I never thought I would benefit from a business mentor, I was proven wrong.